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I have these tarot imps you could get right away if you would like to try before you buy any of the ones going away

$3 each ~~SOLD!
THe World (level hard to see, but full enough for several many applications)or I'll negotiate on the set.
THe Devil
THe Heirophant
The Fool
THe lovers
The Moon
The High Priestess
The Wheel
The Magician

I got these some time back, so I'm not sure if there are any prohibitions on them or not (did someone say we couldn't sell decants or something? I haven't been following closely lately) I was hoping for something reasonable 0 FOR THE SET but want to be fair as well. Shipping will be included. They all seem to be decanted by others. If you are interested in just one or two I might be able to do that too.

And the Imps Below
$1.75 each GC
2.50 -$3.50for LE (and the more expensive areas of the Catalog)

I'm not listing levels. All are usually tested just once, but a few have been given to me in swaps and are a bit lower. Hence the low price. If you are interested in knowing a particular level, email me and I'll check. Also if you buy 6 I'll give you a price break :-)

1. Absinthe
2. Queen of Hearts~sold
3. La Belle dame sans merci
4. Saturnalia
5. Bess
6. Centzon totochtin
7. Masabakes
8. Geburan~sold
9. De Sade
10. Juke joint~gone
11. Nyarlathotep
12. Amsterdam~~sold
13. Gomorrah
14. Numb
15. The red queen
16. Kabuki
17. Goneril
18. Malkut~~hsold
19. Morella
20. Succubus
21. Ra
22. Terpsichore
23. Uruk~~sold
24. Port au prince
25. All night long
26. Red devil~~sold
27. Tempest
28. Parlement of foules
29. Viscomte de Valmont
30. Twilight
31. Alecto
32. Phantasm
33. Polyhymnia
34. Penitence
35. Bayou
36. The perfumed garden~sold
37. Melisande
38. Succubus~gone
39. Bluebeard
40. Phantom queen
41. Chuaparosa~pending
42. Midnight
43. Dealth on a pale horse
44. Undertow~sold

3 imp minimum, will make a deal for large quantities

Free with purchase: extras and I have one empty Lick It Bottle

Please email me at lefresne at livejournal dot com with suggestions as to fair price or comment on the entry if it will let you

I also have these

All Saints 2006 $14 Or best offer with shipping included


Et Lux Fuit, very full $20?

Szepasszony--$14 with shipping included


F5--forum exclusive, full. $11 or best offer


Burlesque from Arcana $9

10 ml ~SOLD

The $$ will go right back to the Lab!

All labels are in excellent condition.

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