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I'm getting ready to list a bunch of things on ebay from my own closet and for friends. I've been instructed to take any reasonable offer.

The shoes and boots: some are 8s (like the tredair cat shoes--these are the expensive ones, not the anarchic smile ones) some are 9s --some are 8.5 just ask!
The clothes are medium and large sized. Some shoes (like the pointy brown ones) have never been worn outside the house. I've changed sizes (from an 8 to a 9 back to an 8.5) in the last 6 years, many of those are mine. The Victorian boots are from a reproduction company (amazon drygoods? JAS Townshend, I can't recall, but when I do I'll post it) and are handmade, I believe and no longer made in this size. They ares an 8.5 but I think fits more like an 8. They are not fully broken in, but have been worn.

Please take a look :-) Shipping will be just what it costs to ship and that's it. I also like to include surprises in the box (not like a cat or anything, but candy and makeup samples and rubber bats and things)


I'm happy to do trades too--for bpal, curly hair products, bean type toys etc. Oh and Barbie clothes.
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