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Please swap like or very close amounts (i.e. a 5 ml for a 5 ml)


Cathedral--$17 it is a full botlle plus 1.5 imps OBO or swap

All Saints--Tested lightly thrice -$16--or swap

Arcana 10 ML Dia De Los Muertos , tested twice--$10 or swap
Hand-blended Dia de los Muertos Perfume Oil by Arcana
ThoughSpanish Conquistadores tried to put the kibosh on this Aztec ritual forthe dead, the holiday not only endured but retained it's flaminglypagan core. Celebrate, honor, and even laugh at death with our fusionof spices, honey, tobacco, dark chocolate, cocoa
butter, and jaunt ymarigold petals.

Burlesque $10 or swap

<td class="search" align="right" valign="top"> </td> <td class="search"> Hand-blended Burlesque Perfume Oil by Arcana
The sweet, smoky decadence of a bawdy dance hall, with bold amber,spicy chocolate and the warm wood of a well-traveled stage. Turn yourdaily grind into a bump and grind.
In an amber glass bottle with reducer cap and leak-proof lid.
Vegan. 10 ml.</td>

Bombshell Bath/Fyrrinae
none at this time

Graham Cracker 1/2 full --$4 or combine to swap
Brownie --90% full--$8 or combine to swap

My wish list is here, alphabetized and also at the end

Shipping is $2
Buy two bottles get free shipping

I have great feedback on ebay under the name lefresne
I've started collecting feeback on the forum under the name pywacket
and I have an LJ feedback profile here http://community.livejournal.com/bpal_feedback/95457.html

I ship REALLY quick --Usually next day and always include extras

Thanks for looking!"

Wish List

1. 13
2. Aglaea
3. Aizen-Myoo
4. Anne Bonny
5. Apothecary
6. Asphodel
7. Bagdad
8. Bastet
9. Black Phoenix
10. Black Tower
11. Blood kiss
12. Blood Kiss
13. Blood Lotus
14. Blood Pearl
15. Bordello
16. Bordello
17. Cheshire Cat
18. Darkness
19. Debauchery
20. Desdemona
21. Dirty
22. Dragon’s Blood
23. Dragon’s Eye
24. Dublin
25. Embalming Fluid
26. Euterpe
27. Follow me boy
28. Gaueko
29. Greed
30. Haunted
31. Hell’s Belle
32. Hellcat
33. Jailbait
34. Jolly Roger
35. Kali
36. Kumiho
37. Laudanum
38. Les Fleurs du Mal
39. Lurid
40. Lustration
41. Manila
42. Nuit
43. O
44. Ouija
45. Peitho
46. Pele
47. Rage
48. Rakshasa
49. Rose Cross
50. Sacred Whore of Babylon
51. Santa Muerte
52. Shadow
53. Sudha Segara
54. Thaleia
55. The Doormouse
56. Twilight
57. Two Five and Seven
58. Wolfsbane
59. Yerevan
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