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I will ship to the UK, but the shipping will be more and it is at your own risk. I've never had one lost, but you never know with no tracking available.

Also cc paypal is 3% more for fees.

AND preference will be given to multiple purchases to make it easier on me at the post office. If this violates a rule (either unwritten or written) let me know. I've been doing this for two years, but I don't live in the bpal fandom, so I don't know all the ins and outs.

I don't want to start a bidding war either, so no worries there.

Imps for sale 1/08 Imps for sale 1/08


will trade for Arcana Haint and Bpal Embalming Fluid.

I have these for sale and can mail out within 48 hours or less. These are descants from a friend of mine with a spotless rep. These have only been dotted, not used, the levels are original to the descants I got and are marked on the picture.

Possets Halloween
$9 (got in a sale, so it looks like it has been tested but it is above the label--also an oil stain on label)
Says 7 ml bottle)
Et Lux Fuit-$17


Shaghai - $2
Gingerbread poppet $5 obo
Egg Nog $5 obo
Noche Buena $3 obo
Angeronalia $2.75

And 1.50 for shipping imps $2 for bottles

Also these imps

And the Imps Below
$1.50 each GC
2.50 -$3.00for LE in the list below(and the more expensive areas of the Catalog)$2 for about to be discontinued

I'm not listing levels. All are usually tested just once, but a few have been given to me in swaps and are a bit lower. Hence the low price. If you are interested in knowing a particular level, email me and I'll check. Also if you buy 6 I'll give you a price break :-)

1. Twilight
2. Polyhymnia
3. Gomorrah
4. Succubus
5. Ra
6. Terpsichore
7. Bess
8. Arkham
9. Alecto
10. Mata hari
11. Death on a pale horse
12. La Belle Dame sans Merci
13. Goneril
14. Bluebeard
15. Viscomte de Valmonte
16. Nyarlathotep
17. Tempest
18. Parlement of Foules (not this year's)
19. Morella
20. Bayou
21. Masabakes
22. Numb
23. Bombshell Bath/Fyrrinnae Selki

Coconut hut--vanilla passion, shortie bottle nearly full $2

will make a deal for large quantities

Free with purchase: extras and I have one empty Lick It Bottle, marshmallow poof sniffie

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